Being a #BoyMom 

I’m what you’d call a BoyMom, and I’ve come to accept this fate. I am the only female in my household of one man, two little boys, and a male kitten. I had high hopes of having a daughter after my first son, but that (ever so obviously) didn’t go the way I thought. At this point, I am scared to try again…because it seems I’m just meant to be a #BoyMom. Who can relate?

Looking under rocks. Observing spiders. Playing in dirt. Rough-housing. These are (some of) the wonders that come along with being a BoyMom. Before my boys, I wasn’t as “tom-boyish” as I am now. I avoided spiders at all costs and never imagined having fun in the dirt. Now, I look for “spi-deers” everywhere I go just so my three year old can be happy and watch them weave their webs. Now I get on my hands & knees and enjoy the world from my toddlers point of view. #PerksofbeingaBoyMom

Being a BoyMom has taught me many things, and made me evolve into a whole new (dare I say better) person. I’ve learned to overcome my  own fears, seeing my oldest be so fearless. I’ve learned that messes & getting messy are okay, and sometimes even fun! I now have a newfound love for cars and trains, something I was never interested in before. Yes, I miss out on all the cute clothing that is made for little girls…but boys clothing can be cute too! (Click here to see my post about cute clothes!)   Hooray! Not only have I changed as a person, but my world views have expanded immensely since becoming a BoyMom. It’s the best!

I’m lucky and blessed to be a mother of my two boys. Every day they fill me with more joy than you can imagine! I am so thankful , really, that I am a #BoyMom. They are roughly three years apart, so they’re going to grow up very close. I can’t wait to see their love and relationship expand. ❤ It’s already beginning to blossom into a beautiful thing.

One day they’ll be older, and teaching me more on what being a boy is all about. But for now, I will cherish the spiders, cars, and dirt. They won’t be little forever!


Mama B




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