Fitness Update : Week One

Disappointed. Upset. Angry.

I am ashamed, along with all the feelings above, that week one didn’t start off as planned. I know it’s all about my mind set and determination, but right now I just feel so hopeless.

Making a life change like this is hard. Did I work out? No, besides my every day calorie burning breastfeeding. Did I cut out soda? No. Did I track calories? No. I am so bad at holding myself accountable, but this week I am hoping my willpower will be strong.

I hate what I see when I look in the mirror, which is why I’m so upset with myself. I know that I can do this, so why didn’t I try hard enough? Ugh.

Goals for Week 2

•Track calories

•Drink only water, with the exception of an occasional coffee

•Workout at least two times

•Eat smarter

Here’s to week two. All I can do is push forward and bring back more determination.


Mama B


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