Motivated to Lose Weight – My Journey to Fitness

Hello everyone! Today I will be writing my very first fitness post. I decided to add fitness to my blog because I am wanting to lose weight, become fit, and become more healthy…and I think writing about it will help with my consistency. I didn’t want to start a new blog for my fitness and weight loss journey because this will be going hand in hand with being a mom.

As a mom of two , who also suffers from chronic illness’, it is very hard for me to find a good workout plan. I know I can’t be the only one out there who is struggling with losing weight, working out, and maintaining my motherly duties. This portion of my blog will show my raw self, growing with you all and learning what works best for me in terms of working out and eating healthy. This is very scary for me to make public, because I’ll be sharing progress photos and whatnot. I hope you all are open and nice about this portion of my blog and my personal journey!

I have come up with a plan that I think is a good base to start off with.

  1. Eat more fruits & vegetables
  2. Eat less/cut out processed foods
  3. Cut out soda
  4. Cut down sugar intake
  5. Work out for at least 10-15 minutes each day using workout apps
  6. Go to Planet Fitness at least two times a week
  7. Track calorie intake using an app

With this plan, I hope I am able to start reaching my goals. Right now, I weigh about 147 pounds. My goal weight is 125, which means in total I need to lose 22 pounds. This is achievable, but only if I stick to my plan and hold myself accountable. I will be so mad at myself if I let my Planet Fitness membership go to waste, haha!

I took the above photo about two-three weeks ago, before I decided I wanted to start losing weight. This photo actually caused me to think about it. My fun Memorial Day Weekend just passed, and now it is time to start my journey to a healthier, fit life! Come along for the ride, help keep me motivated if you’d like!

Thank you for reading, and accepting this personal journey to be shared on here to you all. If you’re a fitness enthusiast, let me know below! I’d love to find an accountability partner! 🙂


Mama B


7 thoughts on “Motivated to Lose Weight – My Journey to Fitness

  1. Yes, you can do this! I need to cut down my soda intake and start eating more healthy foods. I like your plan, it’s realistic, well thought out, and achievable. Best of success with your work-out process.


  2. Don’t be scared. You can do this. I lost 30lbs in the recent past and I can say I got to do it by making simple lifestyle changes. I would advise four things. First is, cut out sugar from your diet, completely. Take zero sugar. Rely on glucose from fresh fruits. Say NO to anything with sugar. Second, walk for not less than 45 minutes everyday. Just walk. I love to walk, it’s like meditation to me. I suggest you do it too. Third is, do some strength training exercises. At least 3 times a week. Lastly, drink lots of water. Drink lots and lots of water.


  3. For me it’s really difficult to be honest, and it all started when I went to the States and tried everything that there was to try when it comes to food. And yeah, I must try and lose weight one day, as it is becoming a bit frustrating. And you’re right, there needs to be a plan.


  4. Courtney, you have made one of the best decision of your life by focussing on your health and fitness. All the best for both your fitness regime which can test your patience and determination, so keep at it and your new blog category Fitness.


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