Info on Reviews (plus inside scoop on review sites)

This blog post is going to be all about information on reviews. Some of you may be asking, what exactly are reviews and what will I be reviewing? To put it simply,  reviews are post that contain opinions regarding a product/company. These review blog posts will be meant to shed some light on products I have tried, and to help you guys find companies and products that you may enjoy! Doing reviews for companies is a great way to earn free/discounted product, while also helping the company by giving them consumer insighht. I am very into reviewing items, so much so that I have found sites that send you items to review for free or highly discounted! These will be the products that I will be reviewing,  as well as products I purchase on my own and free samples from company promotions. I will also occasionally be reviewing samples I received that I found on various Facebook Freebies & Samples Groups. Doesn’t this all sound pretty great to you?! Join in on the review fun with me! If you have any further questions regarding how to review or what reviewing is, drop a comment below!

Now let’s get to the inside scoop on review sites! There are several review sites that I am a member of, and each are unique and fun in their own way. Below I will list these sites with information regarding what they are about, and how you can become a member too! If you join any of these sites,  please comment on this post and let me know how you like them!

Read below for a list of review sites that don’t require amazon prime/don’t charge for shipping.

¤ Influenster : Influenster is the site that I have been a member of longest.

This site sends you “Voxbox’s”, which are boxes filled with various goodies. In order to qualify for a box,  you need to answer all of your “snaps” and review some products on their site that you have used previously. Once they think you fit their needs for a Voxbox, you will receive a pre-qualification email to take a survey.  After you receive your box, you go to their site, check in your box, and start doing the tasks required. This site sends full size products, which can vary from makeup, to clothes, basically anything and everything you can think of. I highly recommend joining this site!

¤ Crowdtap : I joined Crowdtap around a month ago, and have already received three sample products, still waiting on two more to arrive, PLUS $20 in amazon giftcards! This site is probably my favorite site to earn amazon gift cards on, it’s so simple! Once you join this site and fill out your profile, you can begin to receive samples and earn “points” toward gift cards. All you have to do to earn points is answer polls, share media via Facebook and/or twitter, and upload photos! All of these things are not manditory, you simple pick and choose what you’d like to do. I love this site so much, it’s so simple and honestly a great way to make extra amazon cash.

¤ PinchMe : PinchMe is a site where you answer questions about yourself to qualify for items. On the first Tuesday of each month, they open up their samples to members. You need to be fast to claim them, but they are always great products! After receiving them all you have to do is fill out a one minute survey on the item on PinchMe’s website. I actually have received SIX items from them so far! If you decide to join, enter my referral code : 75ZRF

¤Swaggable :Swaggable is a site where you can “want” items, and if the company decides you are a good candidate they will ship you the product. I have only qualified for and received one item so far,  but I still feel that it is a good site to try for samples/products! They have at of items on their site that I have never even heard of, which is always pleasant.

Continue reading below for a list of review sites that require amazon prime and/or do not offer free shipping most of the time. 

¤ Elite Deal Club : Elite deals is by far my favorite site to receive products to review on Amazon so far. I joined almost two weeks ago, and have gotten so many amazing products from them! Every morning at 10 AM they post the days Elite Deals and Amazon Deals, so far I have only claimed products under the Amazon Deals section. You can claim items for free or for a highly discounted price. Some of the things I have “purchased” and received for free/discounted for reviewing purposes are a blackhead kit, a waist trainer, argon oil, coffee scrub, and deep sea mask. There are more but I am just trying to give you an example. If you are going to join any site, join this one!

¤ ILoveToReview : I am a new member to ILoveToReview and I am very pleased with this site so far. All you have to do is check your email daily to see what items the site is offering for you to receive.  Emails start coming in roughly one week after joining. I have qualified for three items, all of which were items I had never tried before, excluding a Baltic Amber Teething Necklace. This site is very easy for people who want to get their feet wet into the reviewing world.

¤ Tomoson : Tomoson is a site for people who are more serious about reviewing items. On this site you can choose from hundreds of items to a. purchase at a discount, b. get paid to try, or c. receive for free. If you have a large reach (a.k.a a lot of followers on facebook, instagram, twitter, and/or a blog) you can qualify for items for easily. So far I have qualified for one item, but it is a very good item so I am very content with this site. I’d definitely give it a go if you are serious about doing reviews.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog. I really hope this post was helpful for you all! I wish you the best in getting started toward receiving your free samples, discounted products, or promotional items! Let me know if you join/like any of the sites. I will update as I find more. Have a great day!

♡ Mama B