Free/Cheap Thanksgiving Fun for the Kids! 

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Educents offers some really neat Thanksgiving related products/content for our children to enjoy! Not only are some of them free or extremely cheap, but if you sign up for their newsletter you will receive a coupon code for $10 off. Does it get better than that?! If this peaks your interest, continue reading to see what products I’ve handpicked to share with you all today!

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NeatCheeks – Flavored Face Wipes for Messy Faces! 

Hello everyone, it’s been quite some time since I’ve done a review and I have to catch up! This review is long overdue, which I am sad to admit, but due to unfortunate circumstances I couldn’t do it until recently. All of the photos I took for this blog post were lost, so I’ll have to use photos from their website until I am able to order some! I received two packs of NeatCheeks to review, and I intend on stocking up on them very soon!

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I am SO sorry! 

Hey everyone, if you’re still with me reading along…thank you! My life has been extremely hectic since before my last post, up until now… but I’m back and more ready than ever! I will be revamping my blog soon, as well as uploading those reviews I promised. Thanks so much for sticking around and I really hope y’all are ready for a brand new blogging me! 

 ❤️ Mama B 

Blogging Blues

Since my last post, I have been going through the blogging blues. My life simply got in the way of finding time for this, which is a shame because I love writing. It stinks, but sometimes (all the time) family has to come first. I have a few cool reviews that I will be sharing in the next two weeks, as well as a couple more personal posts!

I really appreciate you all for being patient with me and continuing to read my blog, even when I am going through the blues. Thank you all so much. Let me know in the comments below what kind of posts you would enjoy reading. Til’ next time.


Mama B

Homeschool Sale : Educents!

I made the choice to homeschool because the public school system has become flawed to an extent that I can’t look past. When my son is old enough, we will begin homeschool lessons that are appropriate for him. Every day is a learning lesson in my house, I wouldn’t call it homeschooling just yet…more like having educational fun! Educents is the perfect site for anyones schooling/homeschooling needs.

This week, one of my favorite resources for Homeschooling is having a Homeschool Sale!

Get Free Shipping on all things homeschooling, road schooling, and un-schooling at Educents this week with code HOMESCHOOL16. Since it’s just one use per customer, I suggest taking stock of what you have and your plans for the year so you can get Free Shipping on everything you need.

Here are my top picks ranging from Science & Math to Music & Language.  What do you need to stock up on?

Exclusive STEM Bundle (7 Kits)

Summer is a great time to start conducting science experiments – there is a little more space outside for a mess! This exclusive bundle at has seven kits for utterly fascinated learning. Whether you have a traditional homeschool, or you’re un-schooling, this is a perfect set for science. And so fun!

STEM bundle

Price: $59.99 down from $109.99 plus Free Shipping


Life of Fred Math Series

Whether you’re new to Fred or you’ve been using his story to teach math intuitively to your littles for a few years, there’s probably a new topic to cover (the series goes up until college!). This sale is a great opportunity to stock up on the next steps, whether it’s multiplication, algebra or beyond.

LofF 2


eMedia My Ukulele for Beginners

There are tons of instruments that kids can learn to play even at Educents, but the ukulele has such a wonderful, kid-friendly sound. This is a great instrument and a strong program for beginners learning their first notes.



Price: $49.95 down from $69.95 plus Free Shipping


Complete Language Learning Set by PetraLingua

Studies show that kids pick up languages far quicker than adults, so it’s great to get a head start when they’re little. Learning a foreign language also helps kids learn about the world, and better understand important values at home within a larger context. We’ve chosen to learn a language from our family heritage. What would you learn?



Price: $110.37 down from $137.98 plus Free Shipping


Leap Pad 3

This kid-friendly tablet is the on-the-go homeschooling mom’s best friend. Kids become fluent in technology and the subject matter with a portable, easy-to-use tool. That’s a win for everyone.


Price: $99 plus Free Shipping



Famous People Freebie for Reading

Free shipping is great – and so are freebies! I like this one gearing up for Independence Day because it has famous people from US history, from George Washington to Sally Ride. Great for kiddos working on reading comprehension, and a nice supplement to social studies.



Happy Homeschooling!

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Bright Outdoors Solar Lantern/Flashlight : Review

Hello Readers! Today I bring to you a review on the Bright Outdoors Solar Lantern/Flashlight with Emergency Powerbank. I received this product for free in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. All opinions in this blog are my own. The … Continue reading

Sheila G’s Brownie Brittle : Review & Giveaway!

Hello Readers, welcome (or welcome back) to my blog! I have something really special for you guys today! I will be sharing with you all my review on Sheila G’s Brownie Brittle…but that’s not all. Today will launch my first GIVEAWAY! One lucky reader will be winning a 5 oz 5-pack Sampler box of Sheila G’s Brownie Brittle. Continue reading to see my review and enter to win some for yourself!
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#AtoZChallenge Fail (& Why That’s Okay)

Hello Readers! ❤ If you couldn’t tell from my lack of posts, I have been an extremely busy momma-bee lately! If you are a return reader, you can already see that I have #failed the A to Z Challenge that took place in the month of April. For those of you who are new, check out my #AtoZChallenge posts to better understand what this challenge was!

With that being said, I am perfectly okay with myself about failing this challenge. I am a new blogger, and simply did not have a good schedule for blogging, being a mom, and testing products to review (more on that later 😉). I am still going to finish the challenge, but I will do so at my pace. I have been extremely busy with mom’ing (duh), but I have also been dedicating a decent amount of my time to testing products in exchange for reviews! This put the challenge on the backburner, unfortunately. I am terribly sorrry to you all that I failed, but I hope you continue to stick around and see what is in store for my blog!


This week I will be posting a couple review blog posts’ on some AMAZING products I have recieved to review. But that is not all! I will also have a discount code for my followers for one item, as well as a GIVEAWAY for my followers on another item.

Stay tuned! Til next time.

Mama B